White Shark Interest Group

Morning all,

I'd like to introduce our first 'proper' blog post for you all to read. Following our recent collaboration with the White Shark Interest Group, Founder & Director, Alex has a message for you all:

We are pleased to announce that the WHITE SHARK INTEREST GROUP and SHARK AID UK are officially a working alliance for great white shark protection. The goal of this partnership will be to strengthen UK and SA shark research, cooperate and support each other for the increased conservation and protection of sharks. Working closely together to add a strong, key voice for great whites and global shark protection.

The WSIG is a great place to see and hear the latest news and photos of great white sharks, and pick up a thing or two on other species and animals too! It’s a fast growing community of people who are passionate about sharks and enthusiasts, willing to spread the word and help protect them.

To confirm our alliance and make this statement was a proud and exciting moment for me. Both Dr. Dirk Schmidt and his work have inspired me, so to be working alongside him, raising awareness of great whites and getting involved with their conservation is a personal milestone and something I know we can achieve great results for this amazing shark species.

Photo taken in Gansbaai, South Africa. Copyright Shark Aid UK.

You can join the White Shark Interest Group, if you are on Facebook by clicking this link, it is an open group for Great White Shark lovers so feel free to get involved.


Greetings shark lovers,

Just thought I'd post a quick one to let you all know that everything is a working progress at the moment! Please bare with us whilst we get some [hopefully] interesting posts together. In the meantime please feel free to explore the [few] pages to the right, where you can read a little about us and know what to expect when this blog is fully up and running.

We're excited to be creating this blog, and hope that it helps give you the information you crave or at least show you the way to some of the best resources available. In the long run of course, it is hoped that through different means, including this blog, the trouble sharks are in will be brought to light. 

We're looking to making this a successful part of our organisation, although we don't quite know how successful, we just cannot tell! Nonetheless we will do our best to deliver, and hopefully  you will enjoy what we have to share with you. 

Sorry its short, but we hope you come back when we have more to share.