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Shark Aid International:

The organisation was founded in February 2012 by Alex Wright. We are currently based in London, UK and Florida, USA and have a field photographer based in Australia.

     We are a global shark awareness, education, protection and conservation organisation. With independent and collaborative research projects, direct assistance for sharks, international trips, campaigns and events, and everything we can do to help sharks, we are growing at a rapid rate and achieving some wonderful things for shark populations all over the world.

The Blog:

This blog aims to do a number of things. Firstly, we aim to give you more details and an insight into the things Shark Aid International are involved with. It also aims to deliver thought provoking shark conservation news stories from around the world. We want to highlight what is currently being done to protect sharks under national & international laws in hopes to push for more to be established. We also want to share what inspiring things are being undertaken by individuals & groups from all over the globe to help protect sharks. And finally, most importantly, we aim to educate and inspire you.

     We do not know all the answers, and do not claim to. We have certain opinions on things that these may differ from person to person. We like to offer every theory available for you to make up your own minds, and provide you with some science, truths and facts to support our beliefs and research. We hope that you enjoy reading the entries posted here, and for further information please visit our website. If you haven’t already, but want to keep up to date with today's shark world, our projects, news and events, then join in on our social media sites (Facebook & Twitter) we welcome all to become active members! We also have a store with some official Shark Aid International merchandise. All funds raised go straight toward projects, campaigns and educational material, we take nothing for ourselves!

For more information, anything you'd like to speak about or ask, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. We are always happy to hear from supporters!

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