Whilst we're busy with our current campaigns and planning even more for the near and distant future to protect sharks, please take a look at the list below showing our past achievements, projects, events and successes and also what we are currently doing and what we have coming up soon! This page is for those who are new to us and want to catch up on all the work we've been doing, and those who are already supporting our organisation, you'll be familiar with some of this work already. We are very proud of how far we have come in two years and we thought it would be great to share our successes with you.


- Stopped restaurants selling shark fin soup

- Education school projects in the UK
- Commended by EU Department of fisheries
- Official partnership with the White Shark Advocacy Group
- Worked closely with South African sharks and experts
- International events to raise awareness
- Shark Stanley CITES campaign
- Confronted medical suppliers about shark cartilage medicine
- Partaken in interviews, written, radio and video
- Established alliances with worldwide conservationists/organisations
- Achieved a global outreach of enthusiastic supporters


- Updating and expanding our website

- Independent research projects
- Establishing a base in Florida, USA
- Nurse Shark study
- Florida Shark Organisation Collaborations
- Great White Shark photography in Guadeloupe, Cape Cod and Australia
- Investing in a boat for our own applied field research
- Awareness events in the UK and USA
- Protest organisers for the #noWAsharkcull London Rally

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