Great White Shark saved from entanglement! Shark Aid International and Marine Dynamics EXCLUSIVE!

Our good friends and biologists from Marine Dynamics provide regional protection for great white sharks through cage diving tourism, tagging projects and a watchful eye over them in their area. Due to the abundance of fish and marine life in South Africa, fishing is popular (amongst some). Because of this, sharks and other animals get caught up and entangled in nets and fishing lines and can be severely harmed and possibly killed. This blog entry is to show you just one of the accounts where Marine Dynamics free a shark from a fishing line, saving its life and setting it free! Shark Aid International covers this exclusively providing a summary and analysis of the situation.

The coast of Gansbaai, South Africa; a thriving marine ecosystem. Seals, whales, African penguins, and home to the ever impressive Great White Shark. With the abundance of white sharks in the area, there is a huge cage diving tourism attraction. One can get the chance to go out on a vessel with a professional team, experience seeing the amazing animal from the boat and underwater in the cage. An incredible experience for all! Shark lover or not!
     Marine Dynamics, part of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust aren't just a cage diving business. They actively contribute to the protection and sustaining of shark life. The cage diving gives people a chance to see white sharks up close and personal, providing a platform to educate the public and shark enthusiasts about the animal, its status and what needs to be done to help them.

Abandoned fishing gear like nets and lines cause great harm to the animals and the surrounding environment. As you can see from this video:

The Marine Dynamics crew free a Great White Shark from a fishing line

So as you would have just seen, together with a good team of people who care for the wildlife, the right tools and materials to carry out operations such as this, the great white shark and other animals can be saved. But unfortunately this is only one success. Many sharks face this same peril everyday and not all can be saved. Through learning more about these sharks, understanding their behaviours and movements we can share the knowledge and effectively increase awareness of what is happening to this incredible species and provide better protections.

Both Marine Dynamics and Shark Aid International work closely together to help raise awareness of what is happening to great white sharks and to provide a community in South Africa, of shark enthusiasts from both organisations.

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